One of two signs in Sackville with Jack's face removed

Signs Recovered - not Recovered

21.09.21 20:57

We spend the last two days re-visiting the sites we had posted Jack's signs.  The summary is that many sign were vandalized (including at least 3 4x8 signs) or stolen or damaged (about 40% of the 2x2 signs).  A shame for our country were we used to treat even our opponent respectfully and where (especially in the Maritimes) we were kind to everyone.

Click to download the file

Thoughts of the Morning After

21.09.21 14:50

People who are scared for their life do not worry about loss of freedom. They try to be protected by government and known entities. That is why embattled governments choose war with foreign nations or a flu-virus hyped up to be a pandemic.

Canadians are scared stiff. That is why Parliament will look almost the same after this election as after the one in 2019. The biggest gains by any party were two seats (by the Bloc Quebecois) and the biggest loss also of 2 seats (by the PCs under there weakest or most nondescript leader since Joe Clark).

For these two reasons and the lack of preparedness for the arbitrary election call the results of the PPC are terribly disappointing. The PPC did much better than 2 years ago but their was no purple wave at all. Canada will suffer for that, but does it have to be for forever?

I think not.

In New Brunswick on average 1.5 times more people did not vote than voted for the winning candidate. In every riding in New Brunswick except our Beauséjour the non-voters beat the winning candidate. This is a shame for every candidate and party who entered the race except for those that got no media coverage, that is the independent candidates as well as those of the Free Party and the People's Party of Canada. But it is also a chance for the PPC if it should manage to win some of those like the once in the Freedom Movement to vote PPC. However we got to be realistic even though if we would get half of the non-voters to vote for our candidates, none of them would have won in New Brunswick, not even Maxime in Quebec. And to motivate half of the non-voters to vote is nearly impossible.

So we got to wake up all these deadly scared people voting for the Liberals and the PCs to save their lives or their welfare cheques and a life spent happily in front of the TV. I find it hard to estimate the number of freedom oriented people and those dissatisfied with the never changing political landscape and system. It could be half of the non-voters but I assume it is only 1/3 or less.

So if it was 1/3 and we could get 1/4 of of the Liberal and Conservative candidates to vote PPC, every PPC candidate in New Brunswick except for one would have won and Maxime as well.

If we could get only 1/4 non-voters instead of 1/3 then all but two candidates would have won. This should be realistic - so not all hope is lost.

As you see I have done a lot of number crunching. That number crunching also tells me that:

One PPC candidate in New Brunswick managed to beat the NDP candidate, but that was solely due to the poor performance of the NDP candidate.

Four PPC candidates in New Brunswick managed to reach 75% of the reimbursement level, the same four candidates also managed to get 5% of all eligible voters to vote for them.

I hope this puts last night into perspective. My summary would be that the PPC can win in many ridings in NB if we can gather the funds and energy to communicate with the voters for 2 years and be ready for an election any time.



edited 28.09.21 23:20 for typing errors and clarity in expression

Election Day ! - ?

(Editorial as a last minute message)

20.09.21 06:57

Supposedly this is “election day”, 35 days after Justin Trudeau called an election less than 2 years after the one on October 21, 2019, (that saw him lose in popular vote to Andrew Scheer of the PC, which resulted in the loss of 20 seats, but gave his “Liberals” still 36 more MPs than the more popular party).

The government called this election because it thought it could win more seats than in the last one. It called it despite of the supposedly so deadly pandemic for which it will demand that we will give up our right to bodily and mental integrity or suffer not yet determined consequences (vaccine passport and other measures such as loss of employment). We have been “locked down”, stopped from smiling at each other because of mask mandates, curfews have been in place in many provinces, doctors diagnosed their patients condition from afar and notary publics certified that signatures were not given under extreme duress although you were just talking to them on the phone, all not as is otherwise required under the law. Families were kept apart from their loved ones, died alone, grieved alone, lived separated from each other, could not visit each other, incarcerated in “government managed facilities” and or put under house arrest if they chose to travel. But yet we had to have an election although it was not required by the law. Truly absurd!

When voters go to the polls they can be masked, which does not allow them to be properly identified. At the airport you have to remove your mask for identification, not here. The line-ups at registration of voters not on the electoral lists seemed longer than usual, yet no real identification required, leaving the electoral process open to many ballots cast by those that are not entitled or that vote more than once.

But casting this and other aspects that potentially all parties suffer under aside, there are major issues with this election that are unrelated to the pandemic.

The vote was set for 35 days after an arbitrary call of the election. But the advance polls started on day 25 day after the formal start of the election period. In our riding only government minister Dominic LeBlanc's signs were up shortly after the beginning of the election since he knew that the election would be called. So for all others it meant only 25 days to reach the voters with the message.

25 days? For the PPC it was much less, since many of its candidates had not been nominated yet at this normally unnecessary time.

For JackMinor, who received his registration as a candidate from Elections Canada on August 27th a meagre 14 days before the election, it meant only 40 days of the time that Dominic LeBlanc had! But according to the Elections Act candidates are not allowed to be re-imbursed for campaign expenditures that were incurred prior to them being registered . So signs etc could not be printed and put into place for the voters to see at that time yet. So Jack and many other candidates had actually less much than the 40% of the election period to inform the electorate of their candidacy, about what they stand for.

But even during this time the PPC and the candidates that had chosen to support the PPC were discriminated against. They were shut out from the debate of the national party leaders and from candidate meetings - even after opinion polls became clear that they far surpassed the criteria of the national debate commission.

Many voters in seniors' residences will never see candidates signs or hear anything but the narrative of the government and those parties and candidates that the main stream media decides to report on. They will vote in complete ignorance of many of the alternatives available, not by their choice but by design.

And that although parties that are in parliament have greater financial resources because of money for the candidates and the parties based on votes received. They are allowed to spend over $100,000 in the riding of Beauséjour alone, much of it from tax payers.

We had no scrutineers at the advance polls and will have only about half a dozen on this day. None of the poll workers were suggested by us ...

So the election whose outcome is actually determined long before election day is rigged in favour of the government and the establishment.

No matter what the reported result will be at the end of this “Election Day”, I am convinced that Jack could have had triple the reported results and much more. If we are allowed by a more and more restricted system of government we will do much better next time. We commit to the voting population of the riding of Beauséjour to give most of them the opportunity to be informed by the next time they vote or have the chance to vote. To those that are informed the most urgent plea to please go to vote and inform other in case you have not done so already. To those that are informed the most urgent plea to please go to vote and inform other in case you have not done so already.  I appeal personally to those wonderful and so concerned people in the Freedom Movement that I have met to overcome their reservations and apprehensions and vote for Jack Minor and the PPC.  I appeal to those that normally do not vote for reasons that "the parties are all the same anyways", please vote, because only Maxime Bernier and his candidates have a chance to stop or slow the process of erosion of at least our constitutionally guranteed freedoms.

Thank you so much to those that waved at us, shouted messages of support when we were out there, where at the same rallies we were, donated time and money and gave so much more! We could not have done what we have done without you.

Thank you so much to our volunteers, those that helped from the outside of this group, and especially to Jack Minor and his wife Agnes for the incredible campaign that they ran, Jack staying the amazing guy, full of energy, wisdom and humour, during this campaign, giving us hope for a Canada which will be restored as the true north strong and free. My wife and I were honoured to serve you, work with you. It has been the experience of a lifetime!

May the best candidates win in all ridings despite the system being rigged in favour of the governing party and especially in this election by the main stream media and other partakers in the election process.


If you like to spread this message here is  the link.  Thank you

Broadcasting Our Message in Both Official Languages

18.09.21 22:46

We ran and are still running radio spots in many of the areas we could not cover with neighbourhood mailings.

You can listen to the adverts on the right, the upper one is the English one recorded by Jack and Jill (no kidding), the lower one was produced by a radio station.

We would be particular interested how you feel about the French recording, to our ears it does not sound as compelling as Jack's English language recording, but we are not native speakers.  So please let us know by sending your comments to armin(at)




You can download the bilingual file as mailed by clicking on picture

First and Last Neighbourhood Mailings have been Delivered to about 15,000 Mailboxes!

18.09.21 22:03

Our last minute appeal for the voters in Beauséjour to rise and shine hit mail boxes from Memramcook to Saint-Louis-de-Kent and Bayfield to Saint-Paul. 

If you did not get one you can download it here in English and in French as we could not afford to afford to cover all letter carrier districts.

Our Radio Advertisements are Ready!

08.09.21 16:16

Jack made great ads, great because they are full of energy and to the point. 

You can preview them on the right.  The upper player is for the 15 sec message, then the 30 sec one, followed by the 60 sec one

Please let us know which stations would be suitable to have them broadcast.

Send your suggestions with url of the station to armin(at)

(recordings added 09.09.21 11:20)

Update 19.09.21:

We are happy to report that our advertisement on air since the afternoon of 17.09.21.




The sign looks good, doesn't it, but it takes money and hard work ... Please help us by donating or volunteering

Donation Challenge until 07.09. is on NOW

05.09.21 08:54

All the signs that we have are planned for for high traffic areas.  The campaign team including Jack have made contributions to pay these signs, the lumber hardware etc.  But we presently are refusing to give signs to people for their property, which hurts them and us because they are so excited about their being a party, the PPC, which is on their side in the fight against all the other parties that do not respect them.

We also would like to run radio advertising - this too costs money.

We have to restore the true north strong and free or the system will change Canada and us for ever.  A few donors have stepped up to match the next donations up to a total of $ 500.  So your donation will count double until the lik´mit is reached. 

Please help us help you and Canada donate now.  Most people will receive a credit on their income tax that reduces their expense to only 1/4 of what they donate, so a donation of $40 cost them on $10. 


Video of Walk Past on East Side of Road (click picture to view video)
Jack with the Organizer of the Event

Report and Video of World Wide Walkout of Medical Staff

01.09.21 22:21

Today residents of Southeastern NB concerned about the government taking control of our bodies through vaccine mandates came in large numbers to support the medical staff in its opposition to vaccine mandates.
At the time of the scheduled start of the event about 500 people lined both sides of the road, many with home made signs.  When we left 1 1/2 hrs later there were even more.  The people present were unified in their determination to resist dictatorial vaccine mandates and other supposedly Covid-19 related policies.  All had a clear understanding what this is all about. 

The event (we had advertised )was organized by the Canadian Frontline Nurses (see ). 

The Peoples Party of Canada as the only party (having candidates in New Brunswick ridings) committed to allowing people to choose whether they want to be vaccinated or not was present with 3 candidates and representatives of other candidates.  Jack Minor and some of his supporters canvassed those present informing these people fighting for their right of bodily and mental integrity that the PPC is on their side.  The efforts of Maxime Bernier and the party as well as of Jack Minor and his crew were warmly welcomed as they gave reason for hope.

But not only the people who came to this protest were convinced that the media and goevrnment were wrong more than half of the people driving by honked their horns in support.  All present were greatls encouraged by this display of unity with them. 

A great big THANK YOU to the organizers, those that made the effort to come from near and far (even out of province and those who drove by encouraging us with their support.  Together we can avert 1984, overcome these totalitarian minded politicians and restore the true north strong and free again.

St. Antoine
Moncton River Park
Click here to listen to "Save Canada" and other songs written and / or recorded by Agnes and Jack.

3 Good Meet and Greets with Maxime Bernier in Southeastern New Brunswick

29.08.21 23:13

A GREAT BIG THANKS to Max Bernier and all the people who came to the three events we had advertised for our region. 

It is too late to write a detailed report with pictures, but we just wanted to share the excitement and energy of the people exhibited at the three events.

St. Antoine -  In this area which is the Liberal heartland held by Dominic Leblanc in 6 elections, about 50 brave souls came out to hear Maxime.  It was a more subdued crowd than in Moncton, but very interested, concerned and per capita more than at the other events!   As a reward they got to sing Jack's new stanza "Save Canada" together with the first stanza of O Canada together with Maxime.  Way to go Southern Kent County!!!

Moncton River Park - This rally was well prepared by the local candidate Lorilee Carrier.  About 200 people supported Maxime's speech enthusiastically.

Beauséjour Delta Hotel - A very appreciative crowd that gave Maxime three standing ovations.  But this speech was truly the most refined , most informative, most daring, most unlike any other major party's.  

Maxime Bernier spoke without script.  All speeches were well done.  The first two speeches were rather similar, the last one totally different.  Those of us following him to a second meeting appreciated the depth and philosophy of this extraordinary party leader.  Very motivating and hope inspiring.


Video of Interview removed by Youtube

29.08.21 01:12

Jack had the great opportunity to be intervieved by Robert Vaughn of "Just Right Media".

"Robert has a Bachelor of Science (Hons) from Memorial University of Newfoundland. He spent several years involved in research at the University of Western Ontario in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology and the Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences before moving into business. He created an online video mail-order business and owned and operated a martial arts school in London. He was elected as a trustee on the Board of Education for the City of London in 1994 and was re-elected city-wide as a trustee to the new Thames Valley District School Board in 1997. He was the Chair of the London Board’s Budget Advisory Committee, Vice-Chair of the Program Standing Committee, the Board’s representative on the City of London’s Crime Prevention Advisory Committee, as well as its representative on the London Council for Adult Education. Robert first appeared as a guest on Just Right on July 9th, 2009 and began co-hosting the show with Bob on October 1st the same year." (Source: 

So Robert is unlikely to spread conspiracy theories and we know Jackdoes nmot either.  Yet the interview was removed within24 hours of having been taken.  We will repost elsewhere.  Please check here again for a new url.

Here is the new url:

Restore The True North Strong and Free


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PPC Candidate
for Federal Riding of Beauséjour

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