A Picture is Said to Tell More than a Thousand Words

May You Know Me Better through these Pictures and Our Music

There are only a few pictures below.  I am just starting to select the pictures for you.  They will be ordered in a time line going backwards, first the pictures of some of the things I did and then the pictures of Agnes and I.

Our music is at the bottom of this page, not because it is less important, but rather because you will need more time to listen to the music than to peruse pictures.


September 2021, my newest activity, campaigning in Beauséjour riding, here installing a sign in Bouctouche
June 2019, pouring concrete in BC
Toastmasters Award in Comedy, I actually won 1st place. This election is much serious and first place would be really important.
In April 2018 I had cleared and removed juniper trees for a friend
Fall 2020, I enjoy gardening ... and at least the asparagus seems to like what I am doing.
Doing handy work of all kinds brings joy to me. here the floor I put into our new (1957) home.
2004 with Nicaraguan pastor Louis in front of schurch in Managua
In my young years as a minister I felt truly blessed to be part of the early days of a baby during baptism.
1986 with my family at a church supper in Bella Bella
About 1982 as Principal of a school in Fort Nelson

My Wife and I

September 18, 2021 in Shediac - the purple wave swept over Agnes, much to the delight of those passing by including these three happy people
June 2019, Mt Baker in Washington DC, we were hiking
Aug 8, 2018, finally I found a big enough cup at a bakery in Deming, Washington during our holiday there
May 2018 in "God's Miracle Garden", a beautiful location in Mission BC

Our Songs


Agnes and I both enjoy music tremendously.

Here is some music that we recorded recently together and also some that Agnes had recorded alone.

The first song is my version of O Canada which is titled “Save Canada”. I wrote the words to the tune of the anthem because Canada needs people to fight for it again.

The second song Agnes and I wrote together, Agnes the music, I the words. It is a song of hope and inspiration about a magic lark with a broken leg.  Agnes sings it and accompanies herself on the piano. On the right you have the recording, the video you can find here or by clicking on the picture.

The next three songs are from the MC "Daystar Shine Down on Me" Agnes had recorded in 1990. They are


Day by Day

Touch Your People

(I am Going to a City) Where the Roses Never Fade


Her latest CD "Songs of Deliverance" is from 2017.


I hope you will enjoy this music too.


Restore The True North Strong and Free


Jack Minor

PPC Candidate
for Federal Riding of Beauséjour

cell:     (506) 377-8921
e-mail: info(at)jack-minor.ca
twitter: JackMinorPPC

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