Goals - What I would Like to Accomplish as YOUR MP

  • End the "medical emergency" and thus restore our freedoms and the due process of law.  Keep the government's hands off our bodies and of businesses
  • End provincial emergency measures with the same goal of restoring our constitutional rights thus making Canada strong and free again
  • Restore sovereignty to Canada
  • National investigation into the Covid fraud and accountability for all who participated in it
  • Bring our Canadian investments in China back home
  • Bankrupt China by calling our loans 
  • Restore fiscal responsibility 
  • Stop the practice of doctors accepting inducements to prescribe medicine  reduce the role of big pharma in medicine
  • Reduce the health care budget, move it from big pharma sickness model toward a small healthness model 
  • Reduce the education budget.  Restore education to education
  • Restore the rights of parents over their children 

Keep Canada upright and off the rocks
once we have restored the true north strong and free.

Restore The True North Strong and Free


Jack Minor

PPC Candidate
for Federal Riding of Beauséjour

cell:     (506) 377-8921
e-mail: info(at)jack-minor.ca
twitter: JackMinorPPC

The election was called so recently that this website is still a work in progress.  We have gone online mainly because it enables us to communicate with you about events and in order to offer voters the opportunity to volunteer in order that the true north can be restored true and free. Most functions should be completed on Tuesday, August 31, 2021.