Jack has Walked in Your Moccasins Too ...

Jack Minor is a classic renaissance man. This old fashioned term refers to someone who is both academically learned in the humanities and is a competent student of history, philosophy, literature, psychology, theology, and political science. Jack is also a tradesman being competent in horticulture, agriculture, and construction. Jack is equally at home at a university, on a theatrical stage, at a construction site or on a farm. Jack will certainly be at home in parliament, and he will work just as hard there as he has done on any construction site.

Jack Identifies with you. He speaks your language, and he has walked in your moccasins. He has pushed the 300 pound tongs on an oil rig. He has laid miles and miles of metal roofing. He has walked the wall on construction sites, thirty feet above the concrete floor below. He has poured truck loads of concrete and made dozens of metres of concrete by hand. There are thick callouses on the palms of his hand. He has also memorized and performed Shakespeare’s greatest speeches on stage. He has read most of the classics and can hold his own in almost any discussion. Jack is a writer, a poet and a pastor. To quote “ Man of La Mancha” like Don Miguel de Cervantes, Jack is an honest man, an idealist and a bad poet.”

Jack has spend years as a pastor, grieving with the dying and rejoicing with new mothers. He has sang lullabies to crying First nations children in the hospital at night. He has walked in the actual calk boots of his dear departed first nations friend, as they cut firewood in the BC mountains together.

And that dear friend in turn walked proudly in Jack’s actual mountaineering boots. Jack has wearily followed other first nation friends thru the BC mountains in search of the illusive pine mushroom. He was informally adopted by Beatrice Eliot, a Nuxalk elder and saint. A noble, Nuxalk high chief was one of Jack’s references for his political candidacy. Jack is a thorough student of the culture of the First Nations of Canada, and he loves, admires and cares about these wonderful people.

Jack is a citizen of the world. He has marveled at the construction of the pantheon in Rome, and gazed on the pieta in the Vatican. He has visited Zimbabwe, South Africa , Holland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Sri Lanka. He longs to visit the Armenians and the Kurds, amazing people who deserve much better than they get. He has heard the choral singing in the halls along the Rhine and he has despaired over the moans from the bundles of filth huddling on the streets of Harari dying from cholera.

Jack and his beloved French speaking Agnes love the Acadian nation above all others and they have adopted Acadia as their home. Their dream is that the Acadian nation will love and adopt them and and Jackie and Aggie are over the moon at this opportunity to serve Acadia with their lives .

Please look at his pictures to get to know him better.


Restore The True North Strong and Free


Jack Minor

PPC Candidate
for Federal Riding of Beauséjour

cell:     (506) 377-8921
e-mail: info(at)
twitter: JackMinorPPC

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